2 types of Radon Testing include using radon test pouches or cannisters and professional radon monitors which are measuring machines

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2 Ways to get Radon Testing for your Home.

First off, lets be sure that the test is placed in the appropriate place. The test should be put in the lowest living area of the home. If a basement is used as living space or a lot of time is spent in the basement, then go ahead and place a testing source there.

Now that we have determined the best place to test, it's time to decide which method of measurement to use.

Short term tests are used to get a quicker cheaper idea of what the measurements are. These tests are usually made of activated charcoal type material. They come in the form of a kit or cannister. The tester leaves this kit out for two to seven days. The pouch or kit is then taken down, sealed and mailed to the laboratory that provided the pouch or cannister. A home-owner would typically use these cheaper methods when testing at home themselves.

Electric monitoring machines will usually give hourly type readings and can measure for short term or long term ranges. Some can even measure and sample air for 90 days. Many professional radon measurement technicians use these monitoring systems. They can often retrieve the reading immediately following the test

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