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Greenfield, WI, What Types of Radon Mitigation Systems Would be Best for Your Home?

Greenfield Radon Mitigation
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What are types of radon mitigation systems used in Greenfield?


  1. Active Suction Depressurization sub-slab Mitigation

Radon mitigation systems are the most common radon mitigation system used in Greenfield. These systems are installed using a concrete slab basement or basement on gradient. Radon gas is often found beneath the concrete slab or basement foundation.

Often, cracks develop as settlement of the concrete occurs. Radon gas will seep through these cracks and enter into the interior of the home.  These cracks are often sealed during this type of radon mitigation installation.

Active sub-slab depressurization method also involves using a fan and a PVC venting pipe, which is inserted between the sub-slab aggregate and ran up until it reaches past the roof line of the home.

The radon fan lifts radon gas up from suction points under the home. All cracks are sealed, allowing the only point of exit for radon, to be the suction pipe placed below the slab.

  1. Passive Suction Depressurization Sub-slab Mitigation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             These systems are often installed during construction of the home or if a home has lower levels of elevated radon.  This method does not require a radon fan to actively pull the radon gas out of the home, but a fan can often be installed at a later date if radon levels have not been reduced adequately. The ability to naturally pressurize differential is enough to allow the flow of air in through the pipe.
  1. Active Pressurized Radon Mitigation

Pressurized systems do not use suction to pull gases out of the home, but pressurize the home and dilute the radon already there.  This method is often used in the south, where soils beneath the buildings are not gravel and radon is sometimes found in the building materials used to construct the building.

  1. Sub-membrane

If a building has an open crawlspace beneath it or parts of it, or space with dirt floor or loose gravel instead of concrete, that space can be sealed to prevent radon from entering the home in that area. Heavy plastic sheeting is used to cover the crawlspace. Active Sub-Slab Depressurization Mitigation is usually combined with Sub-membrane.


HRV / ERV Radon Mitigation

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) as well as Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) can be useful and viable methods used to vent radon from your home. Because we have basements and good drawing soil beneath the slabs of our Milwaukee homes, this method is simply not preferred.



A radon mitigation system removes radon through abatement. Results have indicated 1 in 10 homes have elevated radon levels in Wisconsin.  Homes in Greenfield testing for elevated radon.

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