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Milwaukee, WI, Radon Mitigation System : How it works

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How Does A Radon Mitigation System Work?

We want to explain how a radon mitigation system works. The whole reason you have a radon problem  is because your house is drawing radon in and what we mean by that is, as warm air rises and  escapes out the top of your home, more air is drawn down low to replace that air.  A small  percentage of that air has the radon gas staying inside the air.
Therfore, we design a mitigation system, which  is basically a ventilation system,
to create suction under the entire home.
One of the first components of the radon  mitigation system is the suction point,
That's where we draw all that soil gas and move it toward the radon mitigation system.
We begin by coring the hole through the floor. Then, we excavate some of the soil and this how we will tie into
the drain tile. We do this by cutting a hole in the  top of this drain tile. This will allow for more air flow.
The next step will be to seal the pvc pipe in the floor and run that pipe out of the house.
After we've got the suction point established,
the next step will be to seal the  vent pipe into the floor.
This pipe runs up and out into the garage.
If your house has a sump basket with an unsealed cover, we'll make sure that we install a sealed  cover so the radon system isn't drawing conditioned air that you're paying  to heat and cool out of your house, but also has a negative effect on controling the radon to flow in the direction we want, out of the house.
Taking the vent pipe that comes up from the basement, it runs out into the garage, and up into the attic.
We will now be penetrating through a firewall in order to do this, if the radon mitigation system will be built through through a garage.
In order to protect the firewall, a firestop collar will be fastened so that it maintains integrity to your firewall.
We can insulate this pipe as to keep the air in the pipe warmer if the radon mitigation system design calls for it.
Insulating the pipe can prevent freezing in the winter. Insulating pipe can also prevent condensation from forming, making it less likely for mold and mildew to grow over time.
As we move into the attic, we bring our pvc pipe up and in position to connect to our radon fan.
This is what creates the suction under the house. The fan is now plugged into an electrical outlet to power on. The radon now has a way to exhaust out of the home through the pipe.
As we get upward and onto the roof. We've prop our pipe in place so that the radon can exit through the vent pipe and out into the air from the roof. Click here to return to Radon Mitigation System Installers
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