West Allis, WI, How To Prepare For Radon Testing

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Eight steps to take to prepare for Radon Testing

  1. Close all windows and exterior doors at least 12 hours before the testing will begin.
  2. Keep every window in the building keep closed.
  3. You are fine to use exterior doors for normal entry and exit.
  4. You can are okay to operate central HVAC systems.
  5. You can operate small exhaust fans for short periods of time if necessary.
  6. You can go ahead and operate any radonmitigation fans in the building
  7. Do not move the radon monitor around. It must stay in the same spot that it was placed by the radon measurement technician.
  8. Do not turn off a switch that could control the electrical cord attached to the radon monitor


Will Radon measuring device detect tampering during radon testing? 

West Allis Radon Testing Equipment

Milwaukee Radon Mitigation Mitigators uses the most reliable and detailed radon testing monitors. Sun Nuclear Radon Test monitors undergo calibration from time to time to make sure these radon test monitors indicate quality assurance. Radon testing must be accurate. Accuracy is the key every time the radon monitor is turned on. Many Sun Nuclear monitors also have a tamper sensor. Just having a tamper sensor in place gives a buyer interested in purchasing a property one more extra precaution that all parties involved will receive an accurate non-tampered with radon level test result and not have to worry about the cost to test again.


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