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At Milwaukee Radon Mitigators, we are dedicated to helping families, businesses, home owners, home buyers, schools and institutions reduce their risk of harmful radon gases by using radon remediation (radon reduction) procedures to greatly reduce radon levels throughout Wisconsin.



Leading Cause of Lung Cancer for Non-Smokers

Radon can’t be seen. Radon can’t be smelled. Radon can’t be tasted. People need to test for radon in order to know it is present.  Radon is categorized as a Class A carcinogen and is known as the second cause of lung cancer overall. Radon is responsible for more than 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year (one every 25 minutes). Buildings, including homes, schools, apartments, condominiums, manufacturing, commercial and office space.

Radon comes from the radioactive breakdown of naturally occurring radium found in soils. As a gas in the soil, it enters buildings through small openings in the foundation. Since the building can hold the radon similarly to smoke trapped under a glass, indoor radon concentrations can increase to many times that of outdoor levels. The only way to know the radon levels in your home is to test. If you have an elevated radon level hire Milwaukee Radon Mitigators: Milwaukee metro area's premier radon testing and reduction company.

Radon does not discriminate between smokers and non-smokers. Unfortunately, radon is an equal opportunity carcinogen. In other words it causes cancer in smokers and non-smokers. Radon is the second cause of lung cancer among smokers and the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Pick your poison.

When to Mitigate

High Radon Levels Can Be Reduced! EPA recommends that you take action to reduce your home’s indoor radon levels if your radon test result is 4 pCi/L or higher. It is better to correct a radon problem before placing your home on the market as you usually will need to remedy the issue before the sale. Obviously, if you are not selling and just decided to test your home for radon, the best time to install a radon mitigation system is when you find out the home measures elevated for radon.

It can be a very un-nerving thought to find out that a home you may have lived in for many years contains a cancer causing gas. Some people may even choose to get their lungs checked by a doctor, but the benefit of finding out the home is elevated with radon is the ability to do something about it right away. Milwaukee Radon Mitigation Mitigators can schedule an appointment quickly to remediate high radon and give peace of mind to all of out clients, with the relief of knowing this cancer causing agent has been mitigated.


If elevated levels are found during the real estate transaction, the buyer and seller should discuss the timing and costs of radon reduction. The cost of making repairs to reduce radon levels depends on how your home was built and other factors. Most homes can be fixed for about the same cost as other common home repairs. Milwaukee Radon Mitigators will mitigate your home or building to EPA protocol, with the peace of mind in knowing you have hired the very best experienced and successful radon mitigation company in SE Wisconsin


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COVID-19 update “Life sustaining,” "Essential", businesses will be permitted to remain open under the WI government order. Milwaukee Radon Mitigation Mitigators is allowed to continue serving our customers in several separate categories. We believe this would translate to the companies & professionals that we serve being considered “life sustaining” "essential". We serve the community by making indoor air safe for the occupants of homes & buildings by preventing a government recognized class A carcinogen (radon) from entering as well as testing for radon. This is especially important during this health crisis since, like Coronavirus (COVID-19), radon also attacks the lungs. We serve many cancer patients, & specifically Lung Cancer survivors, who depend on our services. Radon professionals provide a necessary service in protecting the public’s health for times exactly like these, especially being confined to their homes for up to 24 hours a day. We as radon professionals to keep themselves, their crews, and their customers safe by taking all necessary precautions available to us during the Coronavirus pandemic but, we at Milwaukee Radon Mitigators Mitigation believe it is imperative to continue to serve our customers and protect the public from the dangers of radon and other indoor air quality hazards, especially when they are vulnerable form this new danger in Coronavirus.

March 10, 2020

Did you know lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide? But, its true and radon exposure is the second leading cause of lung cancer, following the smoke of tobacco. Radon gas is not only a an independent risk factor; it also increases the risk of lung cancer in those who smoke. An abundance of case-control, and experimental studies have established the carcinogenic factor and potential of toxic radon. The possibility of radon as an effecting agent to other cancers has been explored, but as of yet, not proven. DNA damage by alpha particles contributed by the production of reactive oxygen species. An astounding estimated 21,000 lung cancer deaths attributable to radon in the United States annually, the need for radon mitigation is well acknowledged. Remember, radon testing is the only way to know if a building has elevated radon gas conditions. Scary!
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