Radon Mitigation in South Milwaukee

South Milwaukee, WI, Does Your Home Need Radon Mitigation? Or, Radon Testing?

 Ask yourself, “Should I buy a home with a radon mitigation system?”Let's say that you are indeed in the market for a new home. There are plenty of homes to choose from, but you come across a home you really like. What do you do next? Well you get an inspection. The radon testing prior to purchase could be the most important inspection done. If the dwelling is found to have elevated radon, that becomes a health issue. Radon testing will determine the need for radon mitigation

If the home already has an installed radon mitigation system, then you will need to determine whether or not that radon system is working properly. A properly installed radon mitigation system will reduce and lower the gas to within EPA acceptable indoor air levels.

A radon mitigation installation removes radon through remediation. 1 in 10 WI homes do have elevated radon.  Homes in South Milwaukee, WIdo and have shown elevated levels when a radon test is implemented.

Radon mitigation system effectiveness depends on the quality of the radon mitigation contractor designing the radon system as well as the way the radon mitigation system is installed itself.  Reason being,  Radon Mitigation DIY is not recommended by our company. Many times we have had to rip out radon mitigation DIY and install a proper radon system. Experience of installing thousands of radon mitigation systems is the only way to know your home has been mitigated safely and correctly.

Milwaukee Radon Mitigation Mitigators  installers are the most experienced and the absolute BEST installation pros in the business. Quotes and Radon Mitigation Cost Estimates. can be given by the phone by simply asking a few things regarding your home. Abating this gas should be done by a contractor and crew with experience. Call  414-433-9400

Radon is the 2nd cause of Lung Cancer.


What are the signs and symptoms of Lung Cancer 

According to Mark Kenan an Associate Professor of Oncology in Thoracic  Surgery at Roswell Park Comprehensive

Cancer Center, the signs and symptoms of
lung cancer are based by and in large on
what stage it presents itself. Patients with
early stage disease may have actually a
relatively asymptomatic disease, meaning
that there aren't symptoms. This is why it has been a challenge to sometimes
diagnose it at its earlier stages and
later stages.  There can be a variety of
symptoms in some individuals, depending on what is being affected. Those symptums may be patients having difficulty
breathing, unexplained pain
in the chest.  They may have a change in
the characteristics of a cough where
they may see blood tinge sputum or
something of that nature.  If the lung
cancer is affecting other organs of the
body they may feel symptoms from that such as
headaches. If the cancer has spread to
the brain or something to that effect
changes in their vision occur or sometimes
changes in their bowel or bladder habits.
And, sometimes cancer just presents with weight
loss.  Unexplained, the statistics
by and large are that 75% of folks
diagnosed are going to be inoperable
from a surgical resection standpoint,
suggesting that they're being diagnosed
at at later stages like late stage three,
stage four. As we identified people
earlier, the goal is to have more people
have reasonable improvement so that the long term cure rate can be a good majority.

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